Wasted Skateboarding – Erori


Last fall the Wasted crew hit the road to escape the cold parisian streets to enjoy the last days of warm weather in the North of Spain. From Pamplona to Zaragoza Vincent Milou, David Métivier, Malo Spence, Macéo Moreau, Kévin Ozcan and Thibault Gortina really went… wait, wait we got a full article coming up in our new issue so you’ll have to wait a little bit to read the story. Stay tuned!

Photo: Vincent Milou by Clement Chouleur
Video: Hugo Ghnassia
Edit: Olivier Fanchon


Greetings From – Nike Sb Itineraire Bis


Last September the Nike SB France boys went on a tour… de France crossing many less covered cities using the « itinéraire bis ». Peep the edit from Olivier Fanchon featuring Marca Barbier, Phil Zwijsen, Santiago Sasson, Matt Debauché, Hugo Corbin & Hadrien Haverland.

Greetings From – Nike Sb Itineraire Bis – from DE PARIS on Vimeo.

Photo: Matt Debauche by Thibault Le Nours
Video: Olivier Fanchon


The Sour Solution II


The latest mind blowing video by Gustav Tønnesen for Sour skateboards is finally here and it’s the best way to start of your week! Featuring: Oscar Candon, Koffe Hallgren, Daniel Spängs, Erik Pettersson, Barney Page, Gustav Tønnesen, Josef Scott Jatta, Vincent Huhta, Martin Sandberg, Albert Nyberg, Nisse Ingemarsson and Simon Isaksson.

Photo: Simon Isaksson by Gerard Riera
Video: Gustav Tønnesen