Here is the latest video project filmed and edited by Macéo Moreau & Malo Simonet: 93 Frames. The concept is pretty simple, the boys sticked to the Seine Saint Denis district (93) in the suburbs of Paris to shoot only there and find some unknown gems. It features Marius Moreau, Antoine Volle, Victor Campillo, Simon Couchois, Kevin Ozcan, Abel Leblanc, Thibault Lenours, Macéo Moreau and Malo Simonet.


3 years of Balargue


You know the song, 3 is a magic number and our good friends at Balargue skateshop celebrated their third year in business last weekend. Birthdays are always a good excuse to have a cold one so they gave away a bunch of Buds (and some goodies too) for the the birthday celebration session that went down at Le Dome on Sunday. Here is the video reccap by the one and only Thomas Courteille. Cheers!

Photo: Thomas Courteille by Hugo Josse